How The System Works ?

Welcome to the UNILEVER / OPINION Ordering and Purchasing Portal.


The jointly decision of Unilever and Opinion gave birth to this site.


Our goal is to make it possible to use the exceptional and design wise peculiar Opinion Stands all around the world as well as in Turkey.


With this goal, the outstanding institutional image of UNILEVER will stand on the same and privileged concept line in all countries and the ordering and production procedure will be easily controlled from one source.


Naturally this will ensure to produce the proper and suitable stands for UNILEVER product quality.


Although all the products are adapted to real world with creative solutions only by OPINION himself, some of the displays are designed with different agencies. You can find the design brand inside the product details.


Here in this portal, It is possible to make a search both stand type wise and brand wise.


You can find the photographs, the assembling videos, the material properties, the box dimensions, the quantities in a container, the unit prices and more for the unit (stand) you have chosen.


It will be enough to fill the appropriate forms to ask for samples or to order them.


The units (stands) will be ready to be shipped at the end of the production period after we receive your ordering form.


Please allow us to remind you that all prices are for the FOB shipping and down payment conditions.


During all this period, you will be under the umbrella of assurance of UNILEVER&OPINION product quality.